Things To Do Before Going Out of Town for the Holidays

Things To Do Before Going Out of Town for the Holidays

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Heading out of town to join family and friends this holiday season? Utilize that excited energy to make sure you are set up for success in 2018 when you return. Here’s our list of items to do before you head out of town this holiday season including mentally freeing tasks, to work organization and home cleanliness tricks to make sure you’re calm and ready to take on your trip:


1. Plan to come home a day before returning to work

First things first, set yourself up for success! Returning on a late Sunday evening and popping into work Monday morning can be stressful. Give yourself the day on Sunday to regroup, recharge and get set up for the New Year.


2. Arrange for pet setters or house sitters

Make sure you are set up for success, as well as your furry friends! If you need a pet sitter, now is the time to secure one. If you have plants, pets and more, you could consider a house sitter as well. Keep in mind if you have any packages arriving you’ll want to ask a friendly neighbor to keep an eye out.


3. Update your Calendar

Cancel any unneeded meetings, add in time to prepare for returning to your work week and catching up on email. Schedule workout time if you plan on setting your New Year’s Resolution and sticking to it!


4. Out of Office Email

Be sure to let people know you’ll be out of reach so you can unplug.


5. Pay your bills

Schedule any necessary bill payments to occur or pay them now for ease of mind.


6. Unplug appliances and turn off your air conditioner

Save money on your electricity while you’re gone by unplugging.


7. Clean your fridge

Toss any food that will be expiring. Bonus points for giving your produce to your neighbor prior to departing!


8. Wash your sheets

There’s nothing like coming home to a fresh, clean bed.


9. Take out the garbage

Be sure you return to a clean environment.


10. Do your dishes


11. Sweep your floors and tidy counter tops


12. Order groceries

Yes, this is a ‘pro tip!’ to save yourself time, utilize grocery services like Wal-mart Pick up, Delivery or Instacart to have groceries meet you upon your return from your trip.


13. Notify your credit card company

If you’ll be flying out of the country or far from your zipcode, be sure to let your bank know prior to departure so you’ll have access to your money.


14. Forward important mail documents

Though most of us don’t utilize snail mail, it’s good to note if you’re expecting anything important to update the address to your vacation location.


15. Water your plants

Consider investing in watering devices that will produce small amounts of water to your greenery while you’re out of town.


Now that you’ve set yourself up for a stress-free return, go have some fun! Happy Holidays! Handyman House Techs provides professional and reliable home improvement and repair services, including upgrades and renovations. No job is too small or big. We are located in Gulfport, MS, and service the surrounding areas including Mobile, AL. If you need some extra help around your home, give us a call for a free, no obligation, quote at (228) 297-0063 or visit us on our website


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