Things You Should Consider When Remodeling Your Closet

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Things You Should Consider When Remodeling Your Closet

A closet doesn’t have to be crammed and chaotic for all of your things to fit in it. A well thought out design can provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Here are some things you should consider for your closet remodel:

Sliding Door

A sliding door takes up less space and can provide a touch of style to a room. Pocket doors slide into the wall instead of opening into a room, and barn doors slide against the wall while adding charm and a unique aesthetic.


Adding an outlet or two inside your closet allows you to charge your phone, plug in an iron or clothes steamer, or maybe power up a speaker so you can jam to tunes while you get ready.


There’s nothing worse than thinking that you’re rocking a sleek all-black ensemble only to find out when you step outside that your shirt is actually a navy blue and your shoes are the wrong shade of brown. Ample lighting inside your closet helps you fight fashion faux pas. Add some extra lighting under your shelves or inside drawers. You can even get automatic lights that turn on when you open the door. Just remember to have an experienced electrician set up your lights because bare bulbs and faulty lighting are fire hazards!


Have some space inside your closet for that dresser that’s sitting in the corner of your room? Slide it inside to use for your underwear, socks, ties, and other items that don’t hang or get displayed on shelves. Place a mirror and jewelry holders atop the dresser for a vanity space.

Different Sized Racks

Don’t forget about your long-hanging items when you install clothes racks. Making sure that all of your clothes have room to breathe and dangle means less wrinkles and more organization.

Shelves for Shoes

No more piles of shoes on the floor! Having a shelf dedicated for your shoes helps keep your pairs together and your floor clutter-free. You can add dividers to shelves to keep your pairs separated, or leave the shelves open to fit more pairs.

Valet Hook

The valet hook is a bar that slides out providing you room to hang your outfit for tomorrow or maybe your wardrobe that needs packing for your next business trip. Hang the hook high to ensure that long items don’t drag the floor. Also consider adding a hook just above waist height to view pairings of different tops with those pants that you’ve been dying to wear.

Before you start your closet remodel, make sure to plan your area. Start with graph paper, a tape measure, and a pen. Measure every inch of your closet space and draw to scale each wall. Measuring each item of clothing will ensure that you plan your racks to be the proper heights and your shelves to have good height and depth.

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