Novice Tips to Paint Like a Pro

Novice Tips to Paint Like a Pro

paint like a pro


The holidays offer the chance to entertain family and friends in your home, which may bring fear to Adding color to the room is essential to show off your style. You have done this before so you are not a beginner. So, let us review some tips that will make your paint job look professional.



Be aware that the surface may be slightly rugged. Best way to smooth out the surface is to scrape and sand till the surface is smooth as a pebble. This is an essential to painting and should never be overlooked. Plus, it just looks way better and feels better when you paint on a smooth surface versus a rough one.


Use primer

Primer is a must. Most people know to use this but, some do not know the importance of primer when painting. It prevents paint bleeding through the new paint you just rolled on. Also instead of having to apply two coats of paint primer removes the need for a second coat.


Canvas over plastic

By now you want to upgrade from laying down some newspaper on the edges of the room and get a covering for your floor to prevent getting any paint on your floors. This prevents any damage that may be caused from spilling paint on your carpet or tile. Invest in canvas instead of plastic. Plastic is cheap but, canvas will get you more bang for your buck. Because it is rip resistant and last a lifetime no matter how much you spill on it.


Consider an accent wall

Be daring. Be different. Three walls can be navy blue but, that fourth wall. The one that is parallel to the window; paint it Vantaa -black. An accent wall is just that. An accent for the wall. It will even work with neutral colors too. Be creative and give it a shot.


Dry Weather

Of course, we want to get the paint job done as soon as possible. Painting during the rain or especially when the weather outside is humid can prolong the time it takes to dry. If you are pinched for time and need to get it done today then go ahead and take your time to fix any small mistakes that have been made so that you may not have time to fix if you did paint in dry conditions.


In time you will exceed your own expectations with these tips. Remember these five things and your room will look like it was painted like a pro.


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