Painting And Staining Mobile AL

Painting And Staining Mobile AL

Ask any homeowner what bothers them about the interior of their house and they would quickly point out chips, scrapes, and holes on their walls.

Still, they stay there staring at you while you watch TV or go to bed. Why? Because wall repair is one of those skills that everyone claims to have, but as soon as you walk into a home, the surface either scream “professional” or “chaos.”

Why Handyman House Techs?

We offer a fully staffed office

so anyone can come in and talk to us from 9-5 Monday through Friday. We answer our phones 7 days a week to make sure all our customer’s needs are met.

The customer envisions something and we help make it come true!

We are licensed, bonded, and insured and always pull the proper permits before starting work on a home or business. Anything that needs to be fixed or repaired in a house or commercial building, call Handyman House Techs.

Painting, Staining and Drywall? We Can Help

Knowing when to attempt a job yourself and when to hire a pro is the sign of a seasoned homeowner. All of us have gotten in over our heads once or twice, and learned that sometimes there is money to be saved by getting a craftsman on the job. Drywall seems to be one of those projects which are better served by an experienced hand. Remember, too, that there is a difference between patching the small hole in the kid’s room where he banged the wall with a skateboard (great place to try your hand at repair) and replacing the drywall in the family room where everyone who enters the room will see it (great place for Handyman House Tech repairs).

Whether your repair is a whole house, a room, or just a hole, there is a knack to being able to size up the job, get the appropriate tools and materials, and get it replaced, taped, mudded, sanded, and the paint touched up in such a way that you will never know it was touched. A tech who does drywall for a living obviously is going to be able to do it regardless if the sheetrock and framework have been compromised. Don’t settle for irregular seams, tape that pops up, or mud which is rough and textured.

Remember that repairing damage to a ceiling or hard to reach place can be difficult and dangerous if precautions are not taken. The time it takes for the paint, acrylic, enamel or other materials to dry should be factored in for a job done right! Minor improvements might take a day in order for time to pass and things to air out.

Speaking of touch-ups, painting is a skill honed by years of practice, and it is easy to pick out the rooms which had an experienced, talented painter. Anybody can hold a paintbrush, but it is easy to tell by the way someone picks it up the first time whether they are comfortable and skilled, or whether they should have just called Handyman House Techs. We understand how to get a consistent application, even of the most difficult colors like yellow and red, without splattering paint all over the room and your floors. We will give you those razor-sharp cut-ins without taping your whole room excessively.

Will you need stain matched to the existing colors on your woodwork, or a challenging fiberglass door painted so that it looks amazing? We have the painters who can do it for you. When you desire an accent wall that will impress, we can accommodate. Do you have a vaulted ceiling that is 20 feet tall, we know how to make it look incredible, and you won’t have to climb that scaffold or extension ladder.

Having your home painted with fresh, modern colors is exhilarating. Coupling that with covering up the scuffs and blemishes on your baseboards will rejuvenate your living space. Something simple as changing the flat matte paint from the homebuilder to a glossy, kid-proof type can mean you won’t have to worry about brushing against a wall while bringing in a handful of groceries or wiping away the paint when something splatters on them in the future.

Big job or small, residential or commercial, our local Handyman House Techs are up to the challenge. Our goal is to provide the best service on the Gulf coast. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our rates are competitive and we can give you an estimate based on the measurements of your space. You need someone you can trust to be proficient and efficient when coming into your home or office and we understand that your time is valuable. Let us make a difference by painting and repairing your interiors with a simple call today.

Do you want the best in the business to work for you?

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