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Outdoor Kitchens

These words evoke ideas and concepts which are as varied as those creating them. Ask ten people and their ideas may have only the most rudimentary elements in common. Outside of the basics, the sky is the limit.

The concept of the outdoor kitchen has evolved over the last ten years, as outdoor living has gone mainstream. Only a few years ago, a simple grill on the patio was the norm. Now, beautiful weather-protected cabinets hold everything from plumbing and electrical to gas lines. These outdoor kitchens centralize and draw the crowd to one area. Much like the indoor kitchen has, for years, been the gathering place of the home, now the party has moved outside.

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Outdoor Kitchen Services

An outdoor kitchen starts with a cooking method. Whether gas, charcoal, wood or pellets, a heat source of your choice begins the design. These stoves or grills are consrcted, encased, or seated in stone, brick, wood, metal, or even adobe. Whether the result is a thermal mass area or a prep countertop is up to you.

If you are adding running water, you will need a sink. This item can vary from a mainstream stainless model to a funky galvanized tub, or anything in between. You may want a country sink. You may envision something sleek and industrial. Your sink can be specially ordered, or you may want to repurpose your latest flea market find.

Adding electrical service to the area opens options for refrigeration. You may desire a wine cooler, or a kegerator. A beer fridge might be nice, or you may simply want to chill the fish until time to grill it. A large ice maker may be on your list, or you may need the electrical for your assortment of small appliances. No outdoor kitchen is complete without a good blender for whipping up those margaritas. A shaved ice machine or popcorn popper for the kids, both young and old, may be important.

Another consideration which will need electrical service is lighting. Whether you hang a chandelier in the middle of your patio, or string old fashioned party lights around the perimeter, you will want lights. You may order something special as a focal point, or you may want to create your own pieces using salvage materials

If entertainment and relaxation are the goals, you may decide to add a sound system or a weatherproof television enclosure.

So, in summary, your vision is as unique to you as your result will be. You may have a dream of a sleek, industrial stainless area. Easy to clean, durable, and with simple lines, you can purchase commercial prep tables, add a two or three section sink, and a reach-in cooler.

If your ideas gravitate toward natural elements, mixed textures, and a cozy feel, you may be drawn to live edge wood for a bar surface, reclaimed wood as an accent wall behind the bar, tile floors, and a concrete or granite sink.

If country is your thing, think about using a smoker, setting it into a distressed wood and brick cabinet. A prep area of similarly distressed woods can also house your fridge. Your sink may be a big apron front version.

For those of you who lean to funky or eccentric, the sky is the limit. You can take a collection of items, and turn them into a weirdly cohesive theme. Your imagination and craftiness are what will bring your dream to life, and if you don’t have the skills to make it happen, we do.

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home will not only add living space, but will add value as well.

If you are considering adding this option, give us a call. Bring your designs, or let us show you ours. You can start with a simple idea, and add your own touches. We have hundreds of ideas for you to browse. You can even take part of one idea, merge it with something you like from another plan, and develop something totally new and unique.

Our Handyman House Techs will take your vision and make it a reality. Whether you are working in wood or stone, our carpenters and masons are available. Our electricians are standing ready. Our crews know how to convert a concept into a satisfied customer. Our reputation for satisfaction means that we will do it well. Your outdoor kitchen will be a space that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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