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Nothing makes a dramatic statement like new flooring. It just seems to tie a project together, to feel fresh and new.

And today, there are hundreds if not thousands of choices to overwhelm you when you opt for new floors. Don’t worry, based on your lifestyle, there is a perfect option for your needs. Let’s discuss the most common flooring groups.

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The most popular type of flooring is currently laminate. Affordable, durable, easy to care for, and available in a multitude of designs including: wood, tile, bamboo, and even stone and ceramic, there is a laminate for everyone. These floors are usually installed as a floating floor, meaning that the individual pieces are locked together over some kind of underlayment rather than being glued or nailed. Only the outer edges are secured. This makes laminate a great option for covering other floor types, including concrete. Another great advantage of laminate is the ability to put heat underneath, for toasty toes in the winter.

Resilient flooring, or vinyl, has come a long way over the last few generations. Beautiful finishes, no-wax matte and soft looks, and a wide variety of luxurious choices in appearance and installation make this floor a cost-effective and wear-resistant decision for busy homes. Vinyl can also simulate the look of wood planks or ceramic tile with a lower price. Always keep a few spare pieces for repairs if you accidently damage, tear, or stain a portion of it after installation.

Ceramic tiles are man-made from kiln-fired clay. A form of pottery, these tiles come in as many designs, shapes and sizes as can be conceived by the makers. Once fired, these tiles are extremely durable, and if installed correctly, will outlast the rest of the components of a home. All you need to clean them is a mop and a little water. Most homeowners like to use this type in their kitchen and bathrooms, but innovations have made it possible for large areas to have soft, smooth ceramic installed for the ultimate comfort.

Stone floors, once only found in the most exquisite homes, are now commonly available to everyone. Marble, travertine, and granite are common, however there are others increasing in popularity. You won’t find a more durable floor. New to the market in the last few years is manufactured stone, a synthetic stone which is more affordable than natural stone.

Hardwood floors have always been an option. The appearance is varied by the type of wood and the cut of the flooring. You may install raw wood and finish on site, or obtain pre-finished flooring, which makes the installation easier. Remember that wood is a raw material and will change with time and humidity. Our local staff members can help you pick between solid oak, maple, teak, bamboo or engineered styles to suit the climate and salinity in your region.

“Green” flooring from renewable sources are making a statement in the industry. Bamboo is the most common, with cork and sugarcane also claiming a spot. These floors fill a growing niche market. Recycled options are available, but they can be slightly more expensive due to availability in the area.

Finally, carpet is always an option. Like the other floors, there are several types of carpet to choose from, and you will want to consider the use of the area when selecting your carpet. Some fibers hold up better in heavy use areas, while others are luxurious and plush but would be a challenge in an area where children play or pets run. There is a carpet for every area, but be sure to ask the right questions and get the one best suited for your needs. Don’t just think indoors! Many homeowners choose to place outdoor carpeting or berber for playgrounds, patios and other areas grass will not grow. Keep in mind that we are accustomed to applying new carpet on stairs, basements, homes and offices wall to wall. Let us know if you’d like a stain resistant option, as well.

Regardless of your individual style, we have installers available who will make your new purchase look beautiful and last for years to come. We can accommodate rentals, your own home, office buildings, large warehouses, and more. Proper installation is always a key factor in the durability of your floors, so call Handyman House Techs for an estimate. We are licensed, insured, bonded, and committed to doing it right.

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