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Decks and Patios

If you’re looking for a way to add additional family space to your home without breaking the bank, a deck or patio is the perfect extension.

Either of these will give you an area to entertain, relax, cook, or unwind after a long day in the comfort of your backyard. Although a deck or patio serves as an extra area in your home, they still require regular maintenance and repairs because they are exposed to nature. Our professional contractors at Handyman House Techs can build you your dream outdoor oasis, maintain or repair your current one, and even paint, stain, or refinish them. Rely on us to take care of everything you need so your outdoor space is as nice and comfortable as the inside of your home.

Why Handyman House Techs?

We offer a fully staffed office

so anyone can come in and talk to us from 9-5 Monday through Friday. We answer our phones 7 days a week to make sure all our customer’s needs are met.

The customer envisions something and we help make it come true!

We are licensed, bonded, and insured and always pull the proper permits before starting work on a home or business. Anything that needs to be fixed or repaired in a house or commercial building, call Handyman House Techs.

Your Deck And Patio


Whether you’re wanting a deck built around your pool for summer fun, or one built for your hot tub, grill, and entertaining purposes, we can do it all. When it comes to building a deck, it’s crucial to do it the right way. If you’re wanting one with a hot tub placed on it, it’s going to have to be built with extra support and you might want railings. If a multi-level deck is your vision, it’s important to have it built the right way to have it meet codes and safety standards. We can help you choose between masonry, wood, composite or paver material depending on what you desire. We want to make the construction quick and easy for you and your family. Commercial decking and piers are also a possibility to improve the look and feel of your business.


While a new patio can serve different purposes that a deck cannot, it also gives you more customization options. Whether you’re wanting stained concrete, stones, bricks, pavers, or even pebbles, we will transform your porch and backyard into a work of art. You can match and design it to fit the current exterior of your home, or go with a theme you’ve been dreaming of forever. The options are endless. Although a paver patio is different than a poured one, the area still needs to be correctly leveled and packed so that you have appropriate drainage.

Patio Customization and Upgrades

An outdoor kitchen area, or an entertainment space would go perfectly with your new patio. The customization process is limitless with your backyard. A built-in space to cook, a fireplace, or even a brick oven would all give you the freedom to enjoy your space yearlong, no matter what the temperature is. Backyard patios also can have built-in entertainment centers. Our skilled craftsmen and electricians can construct anything you’d like. Running power would give you the access to put a weatherproof TV, lighting, running water, and even a wine cooler or refrigerator outside so you can have everything you need within arm’s reach. Enjoy your favorite sporting event, or entertain your guests on your new and improved veranda.

A custom deck or patio is the pinnacle feature for any homeowner who loves the outdoors, the fun comes in enjoying the finished product. For the best indoor amenities outside, complete your plan with our design specialists today.

As you can see, in order to build your outdoor sanctuary, you’ll need a team of skilled craftsmen, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, or even welders to get the job done, and we have them all. Our team is available for you to build and achieve your goals. Bring your ideas to us, and we can transform them into everything you’ve ever imagined. Let us make your dreams a reality.

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