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It seems the hot button of this decade is “renovation.” Whether it is the popularity of flipping and remodeling shows, or the appeal of Do-It-Yourself projects, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Here is our list to help you decide if a bathroom reno is in your near future. If you can say yes to three of these, grab your checkbook or credit card and head on down to the local store for some supplies. If you can say yes to four or more, or you are one of the millions who is not adept at DIY, your best shot is to give Handyman House Techs a call right away. We can work with you from the design phase forward to bring you out of the fifties in one piece. Here is your list:


1.YOUR SHOWER CONSISTS OF A 3X3 SHOWER PAN AND A ONE-PIECE FIBERGLASS SURROUND. Have you seen the luxurious showers being installed today? Can you even imagine being able to move about freely or wash your hair without bending your neck in ways God never intended just to get the conditioner rinsed out? If you have always had one showerhead, and you occasionally have to tie a bag of vinegar on it to get the water to spray, you really should get your head around the new waterfall, rain forest, and multi-head showers available today. You can even get ionic misters, steam, speakers, lights, and a myriad of other dreamy options along with at least a thousand choices in stone and tile. Say goodbye to the fiberglass, and come into luxury.


2.YOU ARE GETTING TIRED OF THE PINK FLAMINGO WALLPAPER. Don’t even think of papering over it. You won’t believe the ideas we will have for finishing out your bathroom. Rustic, mid-century modern, industrial, spa-like; you name it, and we install it.


3.YOUR SINK IS IN THE SHAPE OF A SHELL AND THE FIXTURES ARE GOLD. Do you even realize that most of the population is unable to function in a home with one sink? We are fairly certain that the only reason you survived this long is because it was a shell, right? If we have room, we will help you install a double sink vanity. If not, at least we will delight you with a gorgeous new sink.


4.YOU THINK PURCHASING A NEW TOILET SEAT COVER AND RUG WAS A BIG IMPROVEMENT. It is fairly obvious that you haven’t done a thing to your bathroom in the last twenty or thirty years. At some point, updating is not the only concern. It will be helpful to check for any issues as we renovate, so you will have some security that another thirty years may pass unnoticed.


5.THE CARPET IS TURNING BROWN OR BLACK BY THE SHOWER. If you needed a reason to get rid of the bathroom fuzzies, this might be it. This is a good time to consider a beautiful stone or tile floor.


6.YOUR BATHROOM WAS AN AFTERTHOUGHT WHEN THEY ADDED THE KITCHEN TO THE BACK OF THE HOUSE. If this applies to you, you will probably laugh when you read this. In homes from the late 1800’s, the kitchens and bathrooms were added on when indoor plumbing was affordable for the homeowner. These kitchens were usually large and were the heart of the home. On the other hand, these bathrooms were the size of a postage stamp, and it was obvious that nobody was going to spend much time in this not-spa-like retreat. If you have this bathroom, Handyman House Techs would love to help you come into this century. Our designers can amaze you.

A bathroom renovation may be something you can handle. You may wish to only tackle part of it. Or maybe, you would like to watch it happen from the sidelines. Give us a call today, and bring your ideas!

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