Worst Projects For DYI


We have all watched those shows…you know, the ones where the homeowners are doing their own repairs? Although it makes for great television, it can be a nightmare when you start out with a project with no experience. That said, all of these are manageable projects. They just might not be beginner projects. If you are going to jump into the DIY waters, make sure you start with the shallow end..

Here are some things to avoid until you fully understand the implications.

CHANGING THE STRUCTURE: Everyone has seen the designers who want to remove a wall in every show and never seem to know if said walls are structural. This is a really expensive fix if you remove a structural load-bearing wall. Go to the attic and see which way the trusses are run. If the wall you are contemplating removal of runs in the same direction, you are good to go. However, if you are wanting to remove a wall that goes parallel to the trusses, stop and re-think it. That wall is holding the roof up, and you will have to engineer a replacement, usually a beam. We do not recommend attempting this without the help of a contractor!

EXTENSIVE TILE WORK: There is a big difference between a simple tile design and an intricate one. Learning with a simple design is noteworthy, but jumping into a more involved one may mean bringing in a craftsman to bail you out. Start simple. Call Handyman House Techs to help with the more intricate designs!

WALLPAPER WITH A BIAS: Although some wallpapers are easy-peasy, you may decide to paint half way through if you didn’t pick the right paper to learn on. Not only is hanging it an issue, but you may find that you didn’t order enough if you have to do a lot of matching. Allowing professionals to see this project through can save you several trips to the store and mean a cleaner, straighter design.

PAINTING: Another of those items that everyone tries to do, and few do well, is painting. Do some research, learn proper techniques and watch your skills grow. There is a difference between putting paint on a wall, and painting. The paint should be applied evenly, and you should be able to work up to a razor fine cut-in line using a three or four-inch cut brush. Start practicing on the lesser used rooms of the house, rather than learning techniques on the family room and kitchen where every mistake is open for scrutiny. The tools you use matter. Do not expect to paint an entire room with one can of cheap paint and a paint brush from the local home repair store. If you are working on the outside of a house or on a ladder, this can get dangerous. Trust a professional to make sure your walls look well taken care of.

ELECTRICAL RE-WORK: Here is the most concerning item that people want to DIY. Electrical work is subject to codes, licensing, permits, and so much more. Your safety is involved, and your family’s as well. Basic wiring, if you understand it, is fine to tackle. However, troubleshooting an old house or repairing the damage is not for the average diy’er. Please get the assistance or oversight of a qualified and licensed electrician for this work.

Working over a home into the style you love is a beautiful thing. However, remember to consider your skill level, take the time to learn as you go, and don’t be afraid to ask for help where needed. You will find that your projects will go more smoothly, and the final result will be amazing!

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