Six Signs It Is Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

Six Signs It Is Time To Remodel Your Kitchen


There are a couple of reasons to renovate your kitchen, but the two main ones are functionality and appearance. For many, function wins. If your space works well for you, you may not be as driven to spend the cash involved in a remodel. At some point, even the appearance may begin to drag you down. When you lose points on both function and appearance, it is time to call Handyman House Techs for a new, updated kitchen. Here are a few signs that you may want to upgrade:


NONE OF YOUR APPLIANCES ARE NEW ENOUGH TO HAVE A DIGITAL DISPLAY. You can overlook the fact that your icemaker consists of plastic trays and the self-clean feature of your stove stopped working ten years ago, but it sure would be nice to have new appliances. You may be totally intimidated by refrigerators that show your phone what is inside, and you don’t need double ovens, but there are so many options out there that we are sure you can find something which will make you squeal with joy.


THOSE SQUARE PEEL AND STICK TILES ARE PEELING AND NOT STICKING. The idea of a cool stone tile floor is very appealing, and if you add in some heat strips to keep your toes toasty through the winter, you may have died and gone to heaven. Kitchen heaven.


YOUR HARVEST GOLD COUNTERTOP FEELS LIKE A RUMBLE STRIP WHERE SOMEONE HAS NEGLECTED TO USE A CUTTING BOARD. Can you imagine the luxurious feel of a granite or marble countertop? You can’t begin to imagine whether you would choose a smooth stone or a tumbled one. Would you like a solid color, veined, multi-colored, or one with some little sparkly accents? In fact, you would love the overwhelming challenge of narrowing down fifteen thousand counter top choices to one. Bring it!!


YOU HAVE BRASS CABINET PULLS, CHROME FAUCETS, AND A COPPER POT HANGER. Although there is something to be said for mixing elements, you don’t think this is what they intended. You are amazed at the finishes available these days, and would love one of those tall pot-filler faucets in a brushed finish. In fact, how about adding a pot-filler above the stove to make even more sense?


THAT BIG FLUORESCENT FIXTURE IN THE CENTER OF THE ROOM SCREAMS 1980s. Lighting choices have come so far that you won’t even recognize your kitchen bathed in light. Recessed lighting over the walkways, pendants over the new island and the sink, and under-cabinet lighting will combine to eliminate shadows completely and light your work spaces beautifully. If you are a crafty person, you may want to try your hand at designing your own lighting.


YOU JUST DON’T HAVE ENOUGH ROOM FOR ALL OF THE SMALL APPLIANCES THAT MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER. Adjusting the flow of your work areas to make them more efficient is only one trick that may come into play during your renovation. Adding an island or a floating work station may increase work area. Changing your cabinets to include floor to ceiling pantries and upper cabinets will help with storage. Maximizing your space in creative new ways will give you a re-designed kitchen which will meet your needs in ways never imagined a few generations ago.

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