Ideas for your Master Bedroom Renovation or Update

Ideas for your Master Bedroom Renovation or Update

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The master bedroom, the best room in the house, just for you, and full of amenities – or at least, it should be. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the term “master bedroom” now’s your chance. Even with the simplest update, you can turn your bedroom into the cozy haven it was meant to be. Here are our tips for updating your master bedroom…

Ceiling Fan – White noise… A cool breeze… what’s better for sleeping than those two things? Disguise the fans in your home by installing ceiling fans.

Closet Built-ins – Sometimes organizers aren’t worth the fuss. Don’t lose crates to the back of your closet, or overfill flimsy, stackable shelves. Whether your closet is on the smaller side or is a walk in, creating a built-in interior will help add structure and visibility to your organization plan.

TV Built-ins – While having a TV in the master bedroom is a wonderful amenity, it shouldn’t be the room’s focus. Tuck your TV out of the way when it’s not in use by having a cabinet to store it in. Built-ins can not only hide your television, but can also act as secondary storage, providing shelving and drawers for books, seasonal clothing, or your favorite gadgets.

Bathtub Upgrade – It’s the simple things – like jets in your bathtub – that can improve your mood, your bathroom, and even your day. Relax after work in a bathtub fitting of a master bedroom.

Lighting Installations – Even though it may not seem like it, lighting can drastically effect how a room is perceived. Harsh, overhead lighting, or yellow-y bulbs can strain your eyes. In a room made for comfort, make sure your wattage and positioning reflects that. Have multiple lights at various levels, this will help even out brightness of your room. Each main surface in a bedroom should have a light, and provide extra watts to the places where you get ready the most or the places where you read at night.

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