Make Your Back Yard A Summer Paradise

Make Your Back Yard A Summer Paradise

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Spring has sprung, and everyone is getting the fever. Projects are sprouting as fast as the flowers. Everywhere you look, people are plotting and planning the latest improvements to their properties.

Outdoor living has taken some new twists and turns in the last few years. With that in mind, here are a few great ideas for turning your back yard into an oasis.

  • Swimming pools are much easier to install these days. In fact, most people don’t even leave them up year-round. They are also less expensive, and most home-owners can now afford this wonderful treat for the kids.
  • For the adults, investigate the inflatable hot tubs which run on 110 volts. This little item will make your evenings end with relaxation at an affordable price. After all, something for the kids, something for the adults.
  • Water features can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. It may be fun to go to the thrift shops in search of vessels to form into a fountain. You may want a water wall using some old galvanized or copper panels. Set a budget for this fun project, then begin with a search for images. The number of ideas will boggle your mind, but scroll till you find a few that grab your attention and creative spark.
  • Fire features are another hot item this summer. Whether you build a fire pit or put in a propane burner with some fire glass, the interest will be the same. Everyone loves a beautiful flame, and the hypnotic effect is relaxing after a long day.
  • Gazebos, pergolas, arches, arbors, and other shading methods will bring a bit of shadow to an area which otherwise is nothing but glorious sunlight. These may be purchased or built, depending on your mood and skill level. There is something for everyone in this category.
  • Grab some awesome new comfort with patio furniture that rivals your family room. Gone are the days of metal gliders or plastic Adirondack chairs. Find some wicker or wrought iron with four-inch cushions and you won’t be so inclined to head to the easy chair.
  • If you don’t have enough to do with those projects, you may want to find a place to install some entertainment features. Mount a waterproof television housing and some great Bluetooth speakers to bring the last vestiges of the family room outdoors.
  • Now that you don’t want to be indoors at all, how about bringing the kitchen outside as well? If you have a nice grill, that is a start, but you may want to fab up a bar or prep table, add a sink, wine fridge, and a few cabinets for some dishes. Outdoor kitchens are as simple or elaborate as you can conceive, and every time you think you have it all covered, you will discover something else to add.

If you get started now, you will be enjoying a new back yard in short order. Give us a call to assist if your desires outweigh your skill level. If you are great with building a fire pit, but not so excited about running a gas line, we can help. If you want to install that television, but can’t wrap your head around installing a new power circuit, we can do that too. Don’t let your skill gaps stop you from having the back yard of YOUR dreams. Call Handyman House Techs today.

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