5 Easy Kitchen Upgrades From Handyman House Techs

5 Easy Kitchen Upgrades From Handyman House Techs

The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home—so if you’re not loving your kitchen, this can be a real drag. Luckily, there are many quick and easy ways that a handyman service such as Handyman House Techs can improve your cooking area without having to do a total remodel. If you’d like to fall back into love with your kitchen, consider making one of these easy changes.


Install New Lighting

Installing new lighting fixtures is a simple upgrade that can dramatically improve your kitchen. If your kitchen is awash with unforgiving fluorescent light or is dark and dingy, improving the lighting can make a world of difference. Try a beautiful pendant light, which easily becomes a focal point in the room. Another option is to have under-cabinet lighting installed. This trendy lighting can create the perfect ambiance in your kitchen. Many homeowners are considering the addition of LED lighting which can be customized by color or ambiance and tucked away nicely without unnecessary or complicated wiring.


Replace (or Remove) Cabinet Doors

Replacing entire cabinetry is expensive, but there is an easy way to get around this. Ask your handyman to remove the doors from cabinets, paint the cabinets and install new, updated doors. Glass fronted cabinets are popular, especially frosted glass. If you want to create an open elegant space, consider removing the doors altogether and having open cabinets where you can display your favorite dishware.



Yes, this sounds too easy, but it can really change the room. Consider going for a bold color to make the kitchen pop—or a muted pastel to create a feeling of simplistic warmth. Painting an accent wall in a darker shade is a great way to add character. You can even paint the floor. If you have wood floors that are not looking their best, but you’re not ready to refinish them, painting them a lighter color can make the room feel bigger and brighter. A good sealant will make the paint last longer in high-traffic areas.


Add a Backsplash

With just a few square feet of tiles, you can design a colorful backsplash behind the sink that will really liven up your kitchen. Since the area to be covered is relatively small, you can choose quality tiles to change the look of your kitchen. Choosing a bold pattern can make your kitchen feel exciting and vibrant.


Change the Countertops

Resurfacing the countertops is surprisingly affordable. There are many different materials to choose from, and some of the laminates (like faux marble) look like they cost 10 times what they actually do. This is one of the easiest ways to dramatically improve the look of your kitchen.
The ideas above are just a small number of a seemingly endless list of ways to improve your kitchen. Don’t get stuck in a rut because a remodel feels out of your grasp. Talk to your handyman about making one of these small changes and you’ll be amazed by how much it will improve the way your kitchen looks, the way you feel about it, and the changes could potentially increase the value of your home.


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