4 Signs You Have a Roof Leak

4 Signs You Have a Roof Leak

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If it’s been a while since you’ve had your roof inspected, then there may be problems with the entire roofing system that need to be addressed. There are several practical reasons to give your roof ongoing maintenance such keeping your home’s market value high, protecting the building’s structural integrity, and keeping your home’s interior energy efficient at all times.


Below are four symptoms of a roof suffering from water and air leaks. If you notice any of these symptoms on your roof, contact a Handyman House Tech contractor today to get your roof repaired.


Water Spots and Stains

Leaky roofs can create a mess along the attic and inside the walls of your home. If you notice water stains on the attic floor or the ceiling or walls of any room in your home, then it’s a clear sign that water is getting somewhere. Water can weaken the drywall, framework, as well as wreak havoc with the electrical system.



Drafts are almost impossible to completely get rid of. Like water, air can find its way into the tiniest cracks or openings in a house’s structure. If you feel drafts in the attic or coming from the upstairs, then it could mean that there are openings along the roof system. Keep in mind, that roofs have to be ventilated, which will lead to some natural airflow. The best way to tell is to have your roof evaluated to check for signs or leakage.


You Can Never Get the Desired Temperature

A leaky roof can lead to an inefficient house. Have you noticed that you can never seem to get the desired temperature in your home’s interior? This could be caused by drafts coming into the house, which will affect the overall temperature. A drafty house will keep an HVAC unit running for long periods. This leads to higher energy bills during both the summer and the winter seasons when you need proper insulation the most.


Roof Damage

Roofs are built to withstand the outside elements. Even the most well constructed roof in the industry will sustain damage over a long period. If you notice that the there are missing pieces, warped boards, or broken seals along the roofing system, then it’s a safe bet that there are leaks as well. The best option is to hire a roofing specialist who can perform a point-by-point analysis of your roof to determine if there is any need for maintenance.


Does Your Roof Need Repairs?

If you notice that certain components in your roof are damaged, then contact Handyman House Techs today. We provide a wide range of home improvement services for homeowners in Gulfport, Mississippi and the surrounding area. Call us at 228-297-0063 or visit www.handymanhousetechs.com. We are the roofing experts!

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