4 Easy Steps for Drywall Repair

4 Easy Steps for Drywall Repair

easy drywall repair


There are a few words that cause homeowners to break out in hives and immediately call a contractor. One of those is “drywall.” Life gets crazy at times and when it does, your house can bear the brunt. A spoon can go flying while trying to ward off a mosquito, knocking out a chip of the wall and a chair can crash a major hole into the drywall as the intense football game winds down. When this happens don’t freak out. You can take care of the problem with these simple tips from Handyman House Techs on easy steps for drywall repair.


The first step is to determine how much drywall damage has been done. The size will determine how you should proceed. For all instances though, you will need spackle (or some sort of joint compound), and a sheetrock knife. For the larger instances, you’ll also need replacement drywall, tape, and mesh. Whenever it comes time to apply the spackle or compound to the damaged area, use the knife and feather it on to the hole in a crisscross pattern as if icing a sheet cake. Load the knife with spackle and run it over the hole in one direction then run the empty knife back over the area to remove any excess.



For small dents and dings, simply brush away debris. Take some spackle and fill in the hole. This can be done with the knife if necessary but can also be done by hand. Sand down with a small grain sheet and patch the paint job.


Small Holes

This is about the size of a hole punched with a fist. Cut out self-adhesive mesh a little larger than the damaged area and place it over the hole. Use the knife to apply an even layer of compound. Sand down to a smooth surface, then re-paint to match.


Medium Holes

This applies to holes around 6 inches. Cut a piece of new drywall that is 2 inches larger in diameter than the size of the damaged area. Take a box cutter and cut the gypsum (the hard part of the drywall) about an inch on each side, but make sure to leave the paper backing. Place the piece up against the hole and use a pencil to draw an outline around the gypsum. Cut out the outline in the wall to match the new piece. Put compound on the paper backing and then fit the new piece back into the wall. Use drywall tape around the edges and then knife joint compound over the whole area. Let dry, sand down and repeat before painting.


Larger Holes

Cut a new piece of drywall that is slightly larger than the hole. Trace the outline of the new piece on the wall and then cut out the area accordingly. Take two small pieces of furring wood (a thin strip of wood) and place each piece inside the wall on the edge of the square area, screwing them in from the outside. Place the new piece of drywall into the hole and screw it into the wood. Take the edges and spackle the same as mentioned above.


Your home takes care of you; take care of it whenever life gets messy. Remember these easy steps for drywall repair from Handyman House Techs. For much larger or complex projects, don’t forget to contact us.

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