Space Maximizing Ideas for Your Kitchen

Space Maximizing Ideas for Your Kitchen

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It can often feel like there is no such thing as enough space in a kitchen, no matter how many drawers or cabinets you may have! The struggle seems to be constant for finding enough storage space and decluttering your kitchen. However, if you are looking for ways to maximize space in your kitchen, you came to the right blog! Keep reading below on a few ideas for maximizing space in your kitchen.

Utilize Cabinets

Have you ever considered installing hooks to hang pans, lids or serving/measuring spoons in your cabinets? How about a slim rack to stash lids or boxes of plastic wrap or foil? Little additions like this can make all of the difference when it comes to space in your kitchen!

Sink and Counter Space

There is never enough counter space! However, this is an easy fix. Get a cutting board that fits over your sink to create an extra space for chopping. You can also purchase chopping boards that have built in colanders which will help make your meal prepping a breeze.

Organize Utensils

You probably separate your forks, knives, and spoons, so why not separate your utensils, as well? If you store your spoons, spatulas, and whisks in different containers, you won’t have to waste as much time digging through trying to find the right thing!

More Hooks

Coffee mugs are definitely an essential in most homes, however they tend to take up a lot of space! Try installing hooks under a shelf or cabinet so you can hang mugs by their handles. This will free up some cabinet space for you while also adding a little flare to your home! 

Bins for Bulk

Rather than cluttering up your cabinets with random bags of stuff, get yourself organized with plastic bins. Make sure you don’t just throw stuff in there and that you keep things visible to easily find things when you need them.

Rolling Shelves

Show of hands if you’ve ever climbed on your countertop to grab something out of your shelf? Guilty! Try installing some rolling racks in your cabinets in order to access things more easily. 

Build a Pot Rack

If you have vertical space in your kitchen, try adding a pot rack to help store all of your pans! If you have low ceilings, you could also try installing one over the kitchen sink.

Divide Your Pans

Avoid the pan avalanche by adding pan dividers to your kitchen cabinets or pantry!

We hope the above tips will come in handy for you when looking for ways to maximize space in your kitchen. Just know you are not alone in the search for more space!

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