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Why are permits required for some home renovation projects?

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Why Are Permits Required For Some Home Renovation Projects?

Not every home renovation project needs a permit, but many of the bigger projects do. Permits ensure that the work is being done properly, safely and up to code.

Projects that require a permit include:

Footprint Changes - anything that changes the layout of your home will need a permit. Adding on rooms, decks, garages, and even sometimes sheds and fences will require a permit to ensure that the new additions follow safety standards.

New Windows - replacing an old or broken window will not require a permit, but cutting a hole for a new window, door or skylight will. You are changing the structural integrity of whichever wall or roof you are cutting into and proper guidelines must be followed.

Plumbing and Electrical Work - for both plumbing and electrical work, whether you are installing new or removing old, a permit is required. Not following safety standards for plumbing may lead to leaks and even flooding while improper electrical renovations may lead to house fires. Even small changes like moving a wall outlet require a permit.

Structural Changes - as with new windows, anytime changes are made to the structural integrity of a house, a permit is required. This includes all renovations dealing with supporting systems such as load-bearing walls, decks, balconies and porches.

Siding - even changing the siding on your home requires a permit. Improperly installed siding could lead to damage from the elements as well as insects and rodents.

Water Heater - improperly installed water heaters can cause major flooding and therefore require a permit for installation and removal.

Ventilation System - without proper ventilation, houses can become infested with condensation and mold damage. All changes to the ventilation system require permits to ensure adequate airflow is maintained.

Total Cost - when a project costs more than a specified amount a permit is required. Check with your local municipal government to find out the exact amount.

Projects that do not require permits include painting and wallpapering, installing hardwood floors or carpeting, minor electrical repairs that do not involve adding new services or moving existing services, installing new countertops and replacing faucets.

To obtain a permit, you can apply through your local municipal government office. For smaller projects, permits may be issued immediately; however, many larger permits will require an inspection of your plans. Some large projects will require multiple inspections which will occur during the project and after its completion.

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