How to Repair Sagging Soffits

How to Repair Sagging Soffits

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If you are a homeowner you know the frustration of sagging soffits. Sagging soffits hurt curb appeal. Gone unrepaired, they can damage your home’s structure, too. What is the best way to repair sagging soffits?


Soffits provide structure to the home and support to the roof and eaves. However, because soffits are especially prone to damage they can easily begin to sag even subtly. Rain damage causes mold and wood rot. If you live in a cold climate, snow and ice can cause breaking and water rot as these melt. Wind and storm-prone areas of the country attack soffits with harsh hail and heavy winds. If your soffits survive one or more of those natural elements, you have to contend with squirrels and winged pests, such as wasps. These creatures love the security of a soffit, especially a soft one that’s on its last leg. They have less work to do to pry inside and set up shop.


Today we’ll give you 10 steps to repair a sagging soffit. For this project, you will need the following items:


  1. Protective gloves and eyewear as the wood may easily split.
  2. A flat bar for removing wood
  3. Reciprocal saw for attaching new wood
  4. Drill for securing new wood
  5. Pliers for nail removal
  6. Additional replacement wood
  7. Tape measure for leveling
  8. Wasp or stinging bug repellent and remedy: You never know what you’ll find inside sagging soffits!


It's easy to see that keeping soffits in tip-top shape is important. Here are 10 steps to repairing your sagging soffit. Always, remember, Handyman House Techs are here to help.


  1. Eliminate shingle mold: Using a flat bar, remove the mold on your shingles.
  2. Remove the Fascia: You can actually reuse your fascia board if it remains intact while you remove it. You can use your flat bar to remove the fascia board.
  3. Remove the soffit’s rotting wood: Using your hands, remove the soffit’s rotting wood. Be wary of any animals that may be nesting in your soffit.
  4. Cut Plywood for the new soffit
  5. Examine the rafter tails: Chances are good that if your fascia and soffit were damaged, your rafter tails are too. If they show any signs of rot, cut off the damaged areas with a reciprocating saw. Cut a matching length of lumber from a piece of pressure-treated lumber, using a circular saw.
  6. Install the new rafter: Clamp the new rafter tail to a 1-inch backboard and use a screw to install.
  7. Prep your plywood: For your new soffit, use a waxy sealant and coat both sides and all the edges of the new wood. This will help protect it from water damage.
  8. Attach the soffit: Install the underside of the eave using a screw. Caulk any holes or areas that you think may hold moisture before moving on.
  9. Attach the fascia: Attach the fascia board by using galvanized nails.
  10. Install the shingle mold along the top of the new fascia.

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