Great Home Improvement Projects to do This Summer

Great Home Improvement Projects to do This Summer

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, there are many great home improvement projects you can knock out this summer. Coastal breezes. Longdog days of summer. Extended daylight. Extra hands belonging to those kids out of school. All of these make summer ideal for tackling home improvement projects. Take advantage of summer and roll into fall with that to-do list a little shorter.


Here are 3 great home improvement projects to do this summer.



Do your home windows need maintenance? Or completely replacing? Summertime is the ideal time to get this home improvement project done. Old caulking around windows can cause your home to stay hotter even with the A/C on full blast. That is money out the window, excuse our pun. Take a day to remove that old caulk and add new.  Maybe your windows need completely replacing. For either maintenance or replacing, we can handle it all. Give us a call for a consultation.


Add a new coat of paint.

Paint is hands-down one of the best ways to spruce up your home. When you look at cost, time and impact a fresh coat of paint can’t be beaten.


Interior Paint

If the walls of your home show signs of wear and tear, maybe it’s time to give them a fresh look. And summer is the time! Painting requires good ventilation. A well-ventilated area keeps your lungs safe. It also helps the paint to dry more quickly. This helps with being able to apply a second coat and move on. In summer, you can open windows for ventilation and an added breeze.


Exterior Paint

A great home improvement project to do this summer is painting the exterior of your home. Summer days are longer. The added daylight makes completing this project much easier. Be sure to check the weather for the upcoming week. You don’t want a summer storm interrupting your hard work.


Front door revamp

You can really ramp up your home’s curb appeal with a new front door. As much work as you may put into the lawn and other surroundings, an outdated or worn out front door hurts curb appeal.


Here are some of the most common problems with front doors and how to fix them.



Outdated door

Maybe your home’s front door is just plain outdated. New exterior front doors have become more reasonable in price. Replacing an outdated front door is sometimes the best way to multiply your curb appeal. If the task sounds overwhelming, give us a call. Our experts can help you choose the best style for your home and install it.


Not working properly

Sometimes doors are a pain to get in and out of. They look ok but the function has gone down with wear and tear. How frustrating!  Replacing door knobs, locks, deadbolts, and frames usually gets your door out of the doghouse.


These are just a few great home improvement projects to do this summer here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Tackle that to-do list and clear up more time on your schedule for our beautiful beaches.


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