5 Ideas to Change Your Load Bearing Wall

5 Ideas to Change Your Load Bearing Wall

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All renovators and DIY specialists know the hassle of getting around load-bearing walls. A load bearing wall is a wall that supports the weight of the ceiling and cannot be removed without risk of a ceiling collapse. Some walls are simply put up to create more rooms, which creates the need for testing during remodeling to ensure that all wall being torn down are not load-bearing. However, in most large-scale renovations a load-bearing wall always seems to be placed right where the owner wants a walkway or an open floor area. We have compiled a list of 5 ways to make the most of having a load-bearing wall.

#5 - Alcove

Another option is to create an alcove in the wall. The alcove does not eliminate the wall, but instead give it a new purpose. This space can be used for a variety of things depending on how big the alcove is. Some ideas for these alcoves are using them as picture displays, storage space, or even to put a desk in the alcove and use the space as a small office or space for a home computer.

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#4 - Support Beam

A great alternative to having a load-bearing wall is putting up a load-bearing beam. These beams travel across the ceiling as opposed to traveling vertically from ceiling to floor. This is an option is best for homeowners looking to create an open floor plan without having any columns or walls in a large area.

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#3 - Arches

The arch is the in-between of a load-bearing wall and a load bearing column. Arches are a timeless alternative because they offer a stylish addition to any room, with the benefit of having access to the adjacent room. If a load-bearing wall is positioned to between two highly used rooms in a home, an arch would be a good option to provide access between them while still holding the weight from the ceiling.


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#2 - Columns

Columns are common in open floor plans and are the go-to way to get rid of load-bearing walls. Columns can be wooden, drywall, or even brick depending on the home. Many homeowners decorate their columns by painting them an accent color or hanging pictures on them. Columns can also be connected to islands or cabinets in kitchens.

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#1 - Fireplace

The fireplace holds the #1 spot because while it does cost the most, it has the biggest reward. Turning a load bearing wall into a column with a fireplace transforms the space and makes it more inviting and homey. The fireplace becomes the focal point of the room and can be customized to fit any home. Great ways to accent the fireplace are to add a mantle or hang a TV above the fireplace.

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