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Why Is My Roof Leaking?

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During the rainy season, one of the last things you want to find is that your roof is leaking. It is very important to find the source of the leak as well as to get it repaired as quickly as possible. Here are a few reasons that your roof may be leaking:

Cracked Flashing - Flashing refers to the thin pieces of metal found underneath the shingles as well as where the chimney meets the roof. Flashing creates a water-resistant barrier and is sealed with tar which can corrode over time, exposing your roof to wind and rain. The weight of improperly placed footsteps can cause flashing to crack so be careful of spending too much time up on the roof. Missing shingles exposes the flashing to the elements, causing the tar to corrode quicker so be sure to replace shingles as soon as possible.

Build Up - There are different forms of build up that can be damaging your roof. Clogged gutters and other rooftop debris do not allow rainwater to run off the roof and into the downspouts. This water then sits heavily on your roof and seeps into the cracks and crevices. Ice dam build-up has a similar result in that the ridge of ice along the edge of the roof prevents water from draining off. As the warm attic air melts the rooftop snow, the water runs between the roof’s surface and the remaining snow and then is refrozen into heavy ice.

Improperly Sealed Valleys - The spot on the roof where two panes come together is referred to as a valley. Rainwater can find its way inside your roof as it runs down the valley if the panes are not properly sealed.

Cracked Vent Booting - The small pipes that stick up out of the roof are meant to expel excess moisture from inside the home. If the vent booting is leaking there will be corroding dark spots. These leaks may also be due to broken flashing.

Poorly Installed Skylights - Skylights are great to brighten and open up a room, but if they are not properly fitted they will cause leaking around their edges. Even properly fitted skylights can have decayed insulation along their edges after a period of time.

Roof’s Age - Nothing lasts in perfect condition forever. Materials deteriorate over time due to fluctuating temperatures, harsh weather, direct sunlight and other elements. Depending on the climate and the type of materials, a roof should be expected to last anywhere from 20 to 30 years.

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