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Complete Kitchen Remodeling

Nothing adds beauty, function, and value to your home like a custom kitchen makeover.

Whether you need some cosmetic changes or you want to start from scratch, we can help you design a new room that will become the center of your family gatherings for years to come.

Begin by setting a budget. Decide what you can afford to spend to maximize the potential. Now, make a list of the things you like and don’t like about your current kitchen. Prioritize your changes and pick a timeless color theme and style.

You can determine base colors and add pops of color later with details. Make a step toward sleek and industrial, warm earthy cabin textures, or cottage with a vintage feel.

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We are licensed, bonded, and insured and always pull the proper permits before starting work on a home or business. Anything that needs to be fixed or repaired in a house or commercial building, call Handyman House Techs.

Your Kitchen Remodel

If the cabinets are solid and functional, consider painting or staining them to freshen the appearance without the added installation time and cost of new cabinets. Change the knobs and handles, add some easy close hinges, and invest in a few custom additions such as pull out pan racks, spice drawers, recycling centers, and pantry shelves. You can update to user-friendly cabinets for a fraction of the cost of brand new additions.

If you change the countertops, consider the maintenance you are willing to do. Some tops require sealing, polishing or oiling. With the multitude of materials available, you should find several choices in your budget range. Most renovations center around your choice of granite, quartz, laminate, concrete (which is stunning when stained), recycled glass, butcherblock, marble, tile, eco-friendly, resin, stainless steel or porcelain finishes and materials. Start here if you are doing a complete remodel.

A new backsplash is a lovely way to brighten the room. Would you prefer subway tile to stainless or terra cotta to sparkling glass? Add color, or stay subdued. Intricate patterns draw the eye, while simple ones are soothing and calming. This small or large detail really accentuates the kitchen from afar.

Flooring is usually a replacement item. In most cases, the old floor is one of the more worn parts of the kitchen. Consider your budget, the home’s age, your style preferences, and then shop the many options for flooring with our design team. Whether you opt for laminate, stone, or wood, you will find yourself overwhelmed with the decision process just in flooring alone.

Lighting always makes a huge difference in the way the room shines. Be sure that you have adequate lighting over any walkways, prep areas, or cooking areas. Consider under-cabinet lights for better work area lighting. If you want LEDs, you can also dim them for accent lighting when not needed for tasks. New technology can pair them with your smartphone and you can adjust brightness, color and the basic on and off features from a touch of a button.

Appliances are another consideration with options to suit every need. From vintage refrigerators, bright colored stoves, and commercial-grade gourmet options, you can find exactly what you are looking for. Now pick a sink to complement, and finalize your plan.

One other thing to think about is your electrical needs. If your home is older, this may be a good time to upgrade your kitchen to code. Be sure that the circuits are adequate, and that the ones near water have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters on them. Older kitchens commonly don’t have enough circuits for all of the wonderful appliances that we use today. Be sure your new build has this issue covered.

Once you have your best ideas in place, call us. We’re always here if you get stuck or can’t figure out how to maximize your current space. We can also take out walls or add them, as needed. We will look at your project, get a few measurements, work out a timeline, and give you a price. Handyman House Techs has a team of skilled craftsmen who are experienced in updated kitchen remodels, and we know the nuances of making it all work, and will leave you with a kitchen that reflects your taste and style while working with your budget.

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