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Electrical Repairs

Surveys show that the most intimidating part of any do-it-yourself project is electrical work.

Many homeowners have no problem picking up a paint brush, resurfacing floors, or even hanging and taping drywall. Electrical work is another story, and for good reason.

Electrical shock is not only painful, but a small current across the heart can be fatal. You may not see any damage on the outside of your body, but internal damage may be sustained.

Why Handyman House Techs?

We offer a fully staffed office

so anyone can come in and talk to us from 9-5 Monday through Friday. We answer our phones 7 days a week to make sure all our customer’s needs are met.

The customer envisions something and we help make it come true!

We are licensed, bonded, and insured and always pull the proper permits before starting work on a home or business. Anything that needs to be fixed or repaired in a house or commercial building, call Handyman House Techs.

How Can We Help With Your Electrical Repairs

Rather than risk injury, you may want to consider Handyman House Techs for your next electrical project. Our skilled electricians are well versed in electrical codes, and trained to safely work with electricity.

Whether your project is simply electrical in nature, such as upgrading your service panel, or is a composite of a bigger renovation, such as the new circuits in a room addition, we can help.

If your lights flicker when the furnace or air conditioner kicks on, you may need to upgrade. If your breakers trip when you run the microwave and coffee pot at the same time, you may have an overloaded circuit. If you have three way switches which are not correctly wired, you may have to cross the room to turn out the lights instead of using the one at the door you are entering from. We can help. These are all signs of bigger issues which should be checked out and repaired.

Or, maybe, you just want to add something. A ceiling fan, perhaps. An electric dryer might be nice, or a new range. Possibly, you don’t have enough outlets in your older home. Families in the fifties (and before) didn’t have the electrical needs that we do today, so many older homes are being rewired to accommodate our needs. Some homes only have one receptacle per room. We know that isn’t going to work today. We also know that using extension cords is supposed to only be a temporary measure. If you have cords strung through doorways, under throw rugs, or are using them to permanently power something, give us a call. We can add circuits, outlets, and also ensure that your panel and incoming power wires are heavy enough to give you the energy you need.

It could also be that you know something needs repaired. Don’t hesitate to call Handyman House Techs. Damaged electrical wiring or devices can cause a fire. If you know the receptacle is broken, or there are burn marks on one, call us. If the light switch isn’t turning on the light, call us.

Technology is exciting, too. Home theaters are fun, and we can help you design and build the entertainment system of your dreams. That large screen television, sensitive audio, and Bluetooth remote on your phone are all available. Maybe you would love a computer/media room for the kids to study in or as an office. We can add everything you need for a hardwired or wireless system.

Perhaps you are considering a new solar or wind project to power your home. Let us show you what is possible. Whether you simply want a few panels to charge your small devices, or a large battery bank to power your home, we can design and build what you want to install.

So, there are many reasons that you can use our electrical services. There are many things in the home that can be overlooked for a while. However, when it comes to electrical, this is not a good idea. We can get an electrician en route to you quickly, and get these situations taken care of. Electrical issues should be top priority for your family’s safety.

We provide electrical and a full range of other services to the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf coasts. We take pride in being reliable and showing up as promised. We leave our work areas clean and safe. Our contractors are respectful of your time and property, and will do our best to convert your first contact with us into a long-lasting relationship. We guarantee our work, and stand behind it. We don’t even mark up our materials other than a handling fee for obtaining them for you, and our estimates are free. Give us a call today for your electrical needs.

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