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Decks and Patios

As outdoor living becomes more mainstream, living spaces that embrace that lifestyle are also becoming prominent.

Today’s outdoor areas are much more than a grill and dining set on a slab of pavement. Only your imagination and wallet limit your design. But to make it a reality, you will need a team capable of working in the various skilled trades. Handyman House Techs has the craftsmen with those capabilities and layers of experience. So, let’s talk about your vision.

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We are licensed, bonded, and insured and always pull the proper permits before starting work on a home or business. Anything that needs to be fixed or repaired in a house or commercial building, call Handyman House Techs.

Your Deck And Patio

Your deck may simply be the entrance to your home, or it may be the access to your boat dock. You may want a beautiful deck around your pool, or a multi-level deck for entertaining, with a gazebo to keep the rain or midday sun from dampening your plans.

A properly constructed deck will be set on solid footers. If you plan to put a hot tub on it, you will want extra reinforcement to hold the weight. Rails and steps must be constructed to meet code and provide safety. Deck boards which are improperly installed may hold water, causing rot. Using the wrong sealant will shorten the life of the deck. These are a few of the concerns when building a deck.

While a patio presents a different set of necessary skills, it also opens the door for many other options which can’t be provided by a deck. So, based on your needs and wants, a patio may be the way for you to go. Patios offer a lot of leeway for creative design. Brushed concrete is one choice, but stamping and staining will turn a plain patio into a work of expressive art which demonstrates your personal tastes. The end results are limitless.

Another option for your patio is pavers. Again, hundreds of variables in color, shape, texture, pattern, and size allow you to show your creativity. You may choose to match the age of the home with a vintage design, or you may go sleek and modern. Monochromatic themes will give a totally different feel than using several colors of block in combinations, whether a planned effect or a random placement. Colored sands packed between the pavers add a designer touch, too.

Although the process is a little different for a poured patio than it is for a paver patio, there are some basics which will remain the same. The area will need to be leveled and packed with the correct slope provided for adequate drainage. Once the soil is ready, the process goes forward to finish the pour, or a sand base is packed and pavers are laid.

Patios are a great base for your outdoor kitchen area. You may want to utilize the whole patio as part of your kitchen. You may want to have open area and throw a fire pit into the mix. You can’t go wrong with a bonfire, roasted hot dogs, and s’mores. Maybe you envision a thermal mass fireplace with built in seating which warms from the fire, or an adobe or brick pizza oven.

Many outdoor areas now have entertainment centers built in, so an electrician will be a necessity to assure that you have the power where you need it. A weatherproof television enclosure, built in sound system, and a gaming system for the kids are easy to install. If you want to put a wine cooler or refrigerator anywhere inside the perimeter of the work, you will need receptacles for those. Even a rotisserie on a smoker will need power.

Putting a sink in the kitchen area will mean a water supply and a drainage system requiring a plumber. Running gas lines will require pipe-fitting.

So, to build your dream outdoor space, you will need a team of skilled craftsmen. Carpenters, brick masons, pipefitters, electricians, plumbers, welders; we have them all. We have that team available and ready to help you realize your goals. Bring your ideas to us, and let us show you how to convert paper and ink to reality. We understand the codes and other requirements which will keep you safe. We know how to make it beautiful. Whatever beautiful means to you, we will create it.

Handyman House Techs are licensed, bonded, insured, certified, and qualified. We begin every job with the intention of creating a satisfied customer, because word of mouth is a great business builder. Happy clients tell their friends and neighbors about us. We can’t stay in business without you.

Do you want the best in the business to work for you?

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