Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Benefits of Laminate Flooring


Floors can be easy to forget about in everyday life. Yet, when someone walks into a home for the first time, it’s often the first thing they notice. Floors can come in all forms—pine, oak, tile, carpet—but each home’s floors should reflect the family that lives there. Despite a questionable respite that spanned the 1970s-1990s, hardwood is the first choice for most homeowners. Purists will say a hardwood floor must be true wood. This isn’t always feasible though. Real hardwood can become expensive, tedious and require extensive upkeep. If you want the look but easier maintenance, then laminate may be the thing for you. Here are benefits of laminate flooring from Handyman House Techs.


It's Cheaper

The fact of the matter is real oak, pine or whatever finishes you’d like are expensive. With laminate, you can have the look of real wood with a much more manageable hit to your bank account. The argument is valid that you get superior quality with real wood, but that initial cost can be bruising. Moreover, you can find yourself paying that chunk over and over when real wood becomes damaged.


Easier Installation

Hardwood must be laid down piece-by-piece and hammered in carefully; and this is after installing an extensive subfloor. Laminate, however, comes in larger pieces that interlock, and with lines that outline smaller pieces. In addition to the large swatches, it can be laid directly onto concrete or a subfloor, since there is a barrier already installed on the pieces.


Better for a Beating

If you have kids, a dog, or just a spouse who thinks gym equipment at home is a good idea, there’s a good chance your floors take a beating. A bit of spilled paint, a scratch from a piece of furniture, they can all do irreparable damage. This can be hard to stomach when it happens to your investment. Laminate is made for everyday life meaning things can be wiped off with a wet rag. And if not, at least it didn’t ruin something that cost more than a mortgage payment.


Easy to Replace

If worst comes to worst, you could find yourself needing to replace a section of flooring. If this happens, it can be hard to find wood that matches your other hardwood and will then require a matching stain. With laminate, you can just go to the store and purchase something from the same line. Then, all you have to actually replace are the damaged areas, instead of possibly the entire room. As previously mentioned, if water or some other disaster destroys your floor, then it will be much more economical to replace your laminate.


Any part of your home is an investment. Put your money where you feel it matters most. While having real hardwood is a nice thought, decide if it’s really the best fit for you and your home. Laminate is a viable alternative that can give you the best of both worlds.


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