5 Quick Things Handyman House Techs Can Do to Make Your Home Holiday Ready

5 Quick Things Handyman House Techs Can Do to Make Your Home Holiday Ready

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The holidays offer the chance to entertain family and friends in your home, which may bring fear to some of us. Is my house ready? Do I have enough seating? Is everything clean? There are many questions that might run through your head as you anxiously prepare to meet your guests’ expectations.


Not to worry - you do not have to prepare alone! Here are five things that will help your house be in great shape for the holidays and for the New Year. These quick fixer-uppers are worth hiring a Handyman House Tech to spruce up your home and mitigate your holiday stress.


Holiday Decoration Assistance

Are there a few nicks and scratches in your floors or countertops from 2017? Not to worry, Handyman House Techs can have your home back in tip-top shape in no time by filling in scratches on wood floors, making sure your dining room set is looking fabulous and more.


Touch Up 2017’s Accidents

This is about the size of a hole punched with a fist. Cut out self-adhesive mesh a little larger than the damaged area and place it over the hole. Use the knife to apply an even layer of compound. Sand down to a smooth surface, then re-paint to match.


Proof the Home for Elderly or Child Guests

If you get the joy of entertaining grandchildren or nieces and nephews this holiday season, Handyman House Techs can help you baby proof your home by installing plastic covers on sharp edges and making sure cabinets are not easily accessible towards the ground level. If you have elderly guests staying at your home, it may also be a good idea to add a shower bar temporarily to create ease for your guests.


Prep the Entryway

When the doorbell rings, you can be prepared for your guests with a few simple installations. A Handyman House Tech can install an extra curtain rod in your entryway closet to prepare for your guests to take off their winter coats and allow more space in your foyer. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your entryway is weather proof by securing your doormat with weather resistant slip proof tips, like a water absorbent mat, so you can make sure your guests are safe no matter what the weather conditions.


Confirm Everything is Running Smoothly

If you’ve got an ice maker that’s out, or a dryer that’s not quite working right - you can have these fixed for the holiday season by our Handyman House Techs. They’ll make sure you celebrate the season with a well-functioning home.


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