4 Covered Patio Trends for 2018

4 Covered Patio Trends for 2018

Summer is here. Longer days, breezy nights and plenty of entertaining. If you have a covered patio then you have an oasis for all of the above and more! According to realtor.com, there are a few hot trends this year for this popular outdoor living space. Take a look at the list of four of the biggest patio trends below. Big or small, if any of these pique your interest, give the experts at Handyman House Techs a call and let us show you what we can do.

1: Under your feet

Expanding the indoor flooring to the outside patio is becoming very popular. With the wide array of choices for sturdy flooring that is suitable for indoor and outdoor, it’s no wonder this trend is here to stay. Some specifics to consider are our coastal humidity, your family’s lifestyle and home resale plans. Flooring materials that stand the test of weather, wear and tear but expand the warmth of the home are good bets.

2: Make it a double

Outdoor bar and wine areas make the next addition of a comfy hammock pretty easy! Whether you are an avid entertainer to large crowds throughout the seasons or just like to kick back with the family, being able to mix a tailored cocktail right there on your patio makes life lush. Why truck it inside the house for the olives when you can shake and stir-and lounge-under the stars? Alcohol not in your plans? Make this an outdoor kitchen area. Similar design and concept, it will make events like football games much more fun and easier to manage while you do most of the food prep and serving patio-side.

3: Eclectic seating and art

A covered patio can be a blank canvas, even if you’ve had it for years. Take an afternoon to remove all of the furniture, plants and accessories and see it with fresh eyes. One hot trend for 2018 is adding character to the covered patio space with eclectic seating and artwork. The patio ceiling allows for some unusual ideas. For example, hang a set of 3 small rustic swings suitable for all ages. Instead of mounting outdoor art to the patio wall, suspend it from the ceiling with wire or even yacht rope for a nautical feel. Unique light fixtures can add interest over the usual choices for patio lighting.

4: Consider metal

If a cover is what you need before you can consider hot trends 1-3, let us suggest partnering a metal roof with the wood of your patio. A metal roof design for a covered patio gives you plenty of very versatile design options for years to come. Metal roofing combines the industrial design with the farmhouse feel. Materials like galvanized steel are super sturdy and will add character and value to your outdoor living area. You can even choose a color in your metal such as a green or a patina to accent your wood and reflect your tastes. A final perk: the sound of rain on a metal roof can’t be beaten.


We suggest calling one of our professionals to learn more about covered patios.  Handyman House Techs provides professional and reliable home improvement and repair services, including kitchen and bathroom remodels. No job is too small or big. We are located in Gulfport, MS. If you need some extra help around your home, give us a call for a free, no obligation, quote at (228) 297-0063 or visit us on our website: HandymanHouseTechs.com

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